Origin:  Hammonton, New Jersey


Genres:  Punk, Rock, Metal

Years Active:  2011- Present


Label:  Currently Unaffiliated 


Insanity Theory started out as a solo project of Sean Kraus in late 2011; where he wrote music drawing heavily from early 90s grunge and mid 90s punk rock bands. In late 2013, the project became a larger group of musicians thus becoming Insanity Theory. The original lineup consisted of Rashahn Parker on bass, Paul Berthold on the drums, Matt Wines on keyboard, and Sean on guitar and vocals but by the time they played their first show about a year later, the lineup had settled down into the three-piece of Sean, Rashahn, and Paul. For the next few years, they played many shows across the South Jersey region (as well as a few in Philly) and in late 2016 Mathew Burnham became the drummer for Insanity Theory and the lineup of Insanity Theory was finally instilled. They constantly are practicing and looking for more venues to play at. They are not currently signed to a record label, and their E.P. "Lost in Static" was released on April 13th, 2018.



Set Lists

Tech Rider


Label: Not Signed (Looking for True Indie)


Management: Insanity Theory | Unknownoucasts@gmail.com


Booking:  Insanity Theory | Unknownoutcasts@gmail.com


Studio: Rising Sun Studio's | Ryan Bleaken